At AYM we want to have a positive impact on the planet, along with the people and animals that live here, it's our responsibility to do better.

Every single product has an impact somewhere. Our aim is to add more good to the world than we take from it. Our goal of being cyclical will take us a while to get to, but we're working hard on it.

Below, we've outlined the steps we are taking in various areas that help us towards our goal.

Materials Matter

Made in the UK

Fabrics that are made and dyed in the UK help keep our footprint small. Our recycled ITY is one of the fabrics that comes from the UK.

Carefully Considered

We prioritise ethically sourced and responsibly milled materials. To ensure durability we select fibres that will remain resilient during their life span.

Certified Sustainable

We select fabrics that are certified by independent regulators including GRS, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and OCS certifications.

Learn & Grow

There is always loads to learn, we are pro-active about finding solutions to improve our sustainability. We also value your feedback and input. If you have any suggestions for us please get in touch: