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Meet The Makers

Meet The Makers

We introduce you to the team that stitch together our garments in our Lewes based studio.

Favourite part of your role?

Organising the samples and keeping the sample tracker up to date. I really enjoy the organisation in this responsibility. I also love working on custom pieces as it's so interesting and amazing to see what people are ordering.

How did you get into sewing?

My mum's a textile designer and would always teach me things. I've always enjoyed the process of taking fabric and making it into a finished garment.

Favourite AYM styles?

I'm going to Barcelona next month and I'm going to be packing the Wimbledon Crop Top & Chalk Joggers!


Favourite thing to make at the moment?

I've been loving the mustard yellow. It's always so lovely to see a new colour.

I also love making the popular items. It's great to see what our customer's are loving. Plus it's satisfying to make a whole bunch of garments at one time.

What's your favourite thing about making?

I love day dreaming. I find sewing very therapeutic, so it allows me to day dream and think about things. I also love the sense of accomplishment from creating a new garment.

What got you into sewing?

I've always been into sewing, for as long as I can remember. For my work experience at school I did sewing and then I chose to study textiles at college. When I was younger we had an old Singer sewing machine and I made a dress for my sister. At College I also loved weaving, it's incredible to work on an old tradition and to keep it going today.


What is your favourite product to make?

The Bond dress in Grey Marl. The fabric is very satisfying to cut and sew.

What's your favourite thing about making?

Seeing the end result! I love the challenge of creating custom pieces. It's rewarding to work on something that comes together beautifully and makes our customers so happy.

How did you get into fashion?

I went to college wanting to be a cartoon animator. My mum always did fashion so when it came up as an option I naturally moved towards it. I wanted to learn how to put something together. I ended up going into prop costume, which was more sculptural. I even made the costume for Sid from Ice Age - so the costume that I made travelled around the world at the premier of Ice Age!

What's your favourite thing about your work?

I love being creative and pushing the boundaries more to see what's possible - creating new ways to make products.

What's your favourite AYM product?

I love the Track dress in the mini length!

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